We're a team of adventurers who are well-versed in the fun and rigors of adventure travel.  Our expedition company came together to help others see the world in a totally new way, explore the true wildernesses of the world, and learn some new skills in the process.  Forged from an union of military, medicine and survival skills professionals; together we have over 40 years experience traveling through earths most inhospitable environments.  So whether it’s jungles or mountains, arctic or desert, Unique Expeditions will bring wonder to your next trip.

Our Ethos:

From the very beginning we’ve been about delivering education through adventure and creating amazing experiences for thrill-seeking souls; people who want a little more from life than an easy job, a beach holiday or luxury resort (though we often offer a little of this too).

After a journey with us you'll probably have been places few have been.  You'll have stories to tell, you will have learnt something new (probably lots of things), and you will have made friends to share your memories with.





Susan Sontag

Our approach:

The Experience – the best expeditions live on long after you have returned home.  Working together to overcome adversity, through physical and mental challenges, forges bonds stronger than steel.

The Learning – we focus on experiential learning through practicing in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, ensuring your new knowledge stays with you forever.

Sustainability – this is something we are passionate about having seen first-hand the damage humans are doing to the environments we explore.  We behave responsibility as we travel and strive to strike the balance between humans and nature.

Safety – we may have put it fourth on the list but safety is our no.1 priority.  With stringent safety procedures and standards, and expert support on all our trips.