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C-Spine 2


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C-Spine 2


You are a group trekking through the jungle in Borneo. It is very dense rainforest and a 24 hour hike out in a hammock to be able to evacuate. One member of your group falls approximately 8m down a steep slope. The patient is 25 years old, with no PMH, allergies or medication.

D- nil.

R- patient is responsive.

C- maintain C-spine because of mechanism.

A- airway is patent, trachea is central.

B- patient is breathing, equal chest expansion bilaterally. RR is 15. O2 sats are 99%. Normal auscultation and percussion.

C- HR is 85bpm, BP is 122/85mmHg. Chest clear, abdo clear, pelvis clear, long bones clear. PCR is <2 sec, CCR is < 2 sec.

D- pupils equal and reactive to light, Alert, temperature is 37.4D, no neurological deficits/posturing.

E- some visible bruising on casualty's forearms and a small laceration above the casualty's right eyebrow.

Priorities: Discussion amongst the group about clearing a C-spine. Likely appropriate to try clear a C-spine because of challenges of evacuation, and casualty doesn’t have any concerning features (no distracting injury, no midline tenderness, GCS 15, no alcohol/drugs, no neurological S&S).

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