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Wrist Fracture


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Wrist Fracture


You’re on a camping trip in the Lake District with a group of friends. A member of your group comes over and says that they have hurt their wrist falling off the slackline.

D - nil, you are safe at your campsite.

R – responds to voice, well-orientated.

C – no obvious catastrophic bleeding.

A – casualty is talking with you, airway is patent.

B – equal, symmetric chest expansion, auscultation normal breath sounds, resp rate 14; O2 sats are 99%.

C – BP 115/80 mmHg, cap refill < 2 sec, HR 70; chest, abdo, pelvis and long bones are all clear.

D – pupils equal and reactive to light, normal neurology, glucose is 5.2.

E – SAMPLE history


· Pain relief (checking allergies first)

· Reassurance

· Sling or splint or both

· Check pulses, sensation and motor function below injury is normal

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