Jungle Canopy

Ulu muda

Jungle Expedition


1 - 10th July 2022


Hey guys and gals,

We’re going exploring again! This time to the lush tropical jungles in Northern Malaysia on the border with Thailand.  Ulu Muda is known for its wildlife, high biodiversity and almost no poaching due to its inaccessibility.  The expedition is split into 3 phases, an acclimatisation phase, an expedition phase, and an R&R phase at the end to ensure you get the very best of adventure and relaxation on your trip. 

Of course, as long as we're involved there will be a degree of pain and suffering, but what is life without a challenge?



The meeting point is the Cheong Fatt Tze the “Blue Mansion Hotel” at 1800 on the 4th September in the bar (of course).  This old Chinese courtyard-style mansion is the perfect backdrop to begin an adventure.  We recommend arriving into Penang International Airport which is only 35 minutes away and transfers will be organised by the hotel. 


Here we’ll carry out the traditional safety talks and kit checks, and generally build the excitement.

On the morning of the 5th September, after breakfast we’ll be transported to a jetty on the Tasik Muda lake where we board our wooden longboat.  The journey continues 1 - 2hrs upriver (depending on water level) before we arrive at the Ulu Muda Earth Lodge. This remote eco-lodge come research station is fairly basic but serves all our needs.

Ulu Muda.webp

We will spend a day or two exploring the local area, waterfall plunges, boat tours to remote areas high in wildlife, and general acclimatisation. There are also limestone hills, caves and saltlicks to see depending on our preferences as a group.

On the morning of the 7th we depart by boat deeper into the forest where our expedition phase begins.  You will be guided for 3 nights through magical forest always on the lookout for wildlife including elephants, langurs, long-tailed macaques, hornbills, raptors, otters and terrapins.  Every night will be spent under canopy, sleeping in your hammocks.  The camp location will change every day as we navigate the region by day until the cicadas start singing.


On the 10th we’ll meet back at the drop off point and return to town via boat transfer.  We check into our final hotel (exact location TBC but we’re looking into a 4-star coastal resort with pool and all the mod cons) and spend the next 2 days exploring the slightly more comfortable side of travel.  There will be scuba diving to Paula Playar, a world class dive site, night markets and visits to some amazing museums; such as the snake temple where there are currently 265 deadly snakes running free inside.

Sound good?

* given the present uncertainty with travel, booking is fully refundable in the case of pandemic related cancellation.

What's Included


All accommodation, transfers, in-country travel, guides, tours, temple visits and scuba diving. 

As requested, food and international flights not included.