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Unique Expeditions Webinars


with Dr Joshua Allison and dr nathan hudson-peacock

Whether you're interested in mountains, wilderness medicine or looking for a split medical elective, the next in our series of FREE webinars is well worth the watch!  Learn how to look after yourself and others at high altitude with tips and tricks from two experienced mountain doctors.  Brought to you in collaboration with Cardiff Wilderness Medical Society.

If you think you're ready to take the challenge and climb a mighty mountain, why not join us on the worlds highest active volcano, Cotopaxi in the Andes.


Mountain Medicine Expedition

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Jungle Expeditions

with Expedition Leader, Mat Howes

Jungles and tropical rainforests are, without question, the most awe-inspiring biomes on Earth.  The first time you set foot into the jungle your senses are overloaded.  Everything is so novel and unfamiliar; from the evening chorus of insects and amphibians, to the dense, cathedral-like canopy arching above you.

You’re invited to join Mat Howes, Expedition Leader, as he takes us through the secrets of how to survive in the jungle.  Mat will impart on us his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm as a veteran of expeditions all over the tropics. 

Take a look at our

Jungle Expeditions


Malaysia & Borneo

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Medical Expeditions

Survival Expeditions


with Mat Howes, Expedition Leader

Fancy yourself a polar adventure?  Can you picture yourself riding a snowmachine over frozen lakes and Arctic tundra?  Expedition Leader Mat Howes talks all about the risks and benefits of polar exploration, efficient methods of travel and who to stay warm in the frozen North.

Our Arctic Expedition runs on the North coast of Norway in April when the the sun is out and the snow and ice is still thick.  As this is the prefect season we teach both Polar Expedition Skills and Wilderness Medicine courses side by side.

Polar Expedition

Norwegian Arctic




Hope you’re enjoying our webinar series in collaboration with Cardiff WMS in the run up to the UK WMS Student Conference 2020.  We’re proud to present Dr Javid Abdelmoniem, President of MSF UK as we ask him all about his experiences fighting disease in the developing world, his reflections on the Ebola epidemic and his educational and exploratory television shows.  Javid is an inspiration to so many young doctors who hope to follow in his footsteps, and dedicate some of their time to humanitarian or global health causes.

Polar Winter Clothing

Tutorial with Mat Howes,
Expedition Leader

Expedition grade kit needn't be OTT expensive.  Mat talks us through how to keep yourself warm in -30 degrees without breaking the bank.  

master fire in the far north.

Tutorial with Mat Howes,
Expedition Leader

Fire or indeed your ability to create it can be the difference between life and death in the frozen Arctic wilderness, here is a little insight from expedition leader Mat Howes in the frozen north of Norway.