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Like you, we share a passion for adventure and the outdoors.  Our organisation came together to help others see the world in a totally new way, explore the true wildernesses of the world, and learn some new skills in the process.  Forged from an union of military, medicine and survival skills professionals; together we have countless years experience traveling through earth's most inhospitable environments.  So whether it’s jungles or mountains, arctic or desert, Unique Expeditions will give the experience you need to become a valuable team member in any situation.

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Our Ethos

From the very beginning we’ve been about delivering education through adventure and creating amazing experiences for thrill-seeking souls; people who want a little more from their lives than an easy career, beach holidays or luxury resorts (though we often offer a little of this too).

After a journey with us you'll probably have been places few have been.  You'll have stories to tell, you will have learnt something new (probably lots of things), and you will have made friends to share your memories with.

Our Approach

The Experience – the best expeditions live on long after you have returned home.  Working together to overcome adversity, through physical and mental challenges, forges bonds stronger than steel.

The Learning – we focus on experiential learning through practicing in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, ensuring your new knowledge stays with you forever.

Sustainability – this is something we are passionate about having seen first-hand the damage humans are doing to the environments we explore.  We behave responsibility as we travel and strive to strike the balance between humans and nature.

Safety – we may have put it fourth on the list but safety is our no.1 priority.  With stringent safety procedures and standards, and expert support on all our trips.

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Josh and Mat joined forces in 2019 to form Unique Expeditions, with a shared passion for providing world-class global Remote Medical Training that combine Josh's expertise in expedition medicine and altitude with Mat's experience in wilderness living and survival. 

Drawing on their collective knowledge and experience (and a whole load of incredible instructors), Mat and Josh have created an organisation that feels like a family.  That allows people to travel to earth's most challenging and breathtaking environments, develop their skills, and make lasting connections. 

With a focus on safety, sustainability, and cultural sensitivity, Unique Expeditions provides the worlds best, real-life medical training.  Coupled with unparalleled access to incredible wildernesses, UE sets a new standard for excellence in the adventure education industry. 

Our Team

Our expeditions and courses wouldn't run without the amazing people who are part of the Unique Expeditions Team. 

To find out more about some members of the Unique Expeditions Team, take a look at our blog.

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