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Jungle Expedition, Langkawi, Malaysia

14th - 22nd June 2024


This stunning archipelago of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Malaysia is classed as a UNESCO world geopark, with a wealth of un-touched primary jungle and un-inhabited islands to explore.  On this two phase trip we start with a three-day trek through the jungle, as we're getting used to the expedition routine, sleeping in our hammocks and navigating the river systems & waterfalls that make this place so stunning.  For the second phase we head out by boat to our deserted island, where you’ll learn the tricks of the trade that turn one of the most inhospitable environments into a joyous place for an adventure. Each day you have practical teaching and simulation on survival techniques as well as treating wilderness medical conditions common to this ecosystem.  From heat illness to snake bites, trauma and evacuating casualties.  And somehow we still leave some time for rest and relaxation. 

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A two phase trip with plenty of adventure

Difficulty moderate:  This is one of the most comfortable trips we run and makes for a great entry into the exclusive world of jungle expedition.  With all but one of your meals provided, you’ll have a little more time to practice the things you’ve learned, relax and explore.  On completion you'll receive an Advanced Expedition Medicine Certificate.

See here for information on who can apply to join the expedition, if it's suitable for medical elective students and whether it's valid for CDP.

What's Included


8 breakfasts, 8 lunches, 8 dinners including tropical beach BBQ's

Seaside Villa

8 days accommodation including 5 nights in the jungle where you experience camp life sleeping in your hammock & tarp.  And we always save a bit of luxury for the end


A days scuba diving is included in the price as well as, fishing, raft building, beach volleyball and slack lining being staple favourite activities


And of course there's all the fantastic learning you'd expect from a world class course, with fire-making, shelter building, water collection and daily wilderness medicine simulation

Example Itinerary

* will be tailored based on the skills and experience of the cohort.  International flights not included

Day 1 – Touch down in Langkawi International Airport (LGK) and transfer to the hotel where you'll  meet your fellow adventurers and have a chance to refresh yourself after the flight.  Pleasantries over we launch straight into preparing for our trip, with briefings on jungle hazards, kit checks and jungle routine.  Once your questions are answered you'll be free to relax or take a stroll along the beach front as we settle into our palm fringed retreat for the night.

Day 2 – Jungle Phase - Flip flops off and jungle boots donned, we head under the canopy, with a short trek to 'waterfall camp.'  Here we cover camp craft, parang safety and begin to appreciate the joy of jungle travel.  Once you're happy with your camp set up we settle into our hammocks for the night.

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Day 3 – Waking up to sounds of the cicadas singing we'll dive straight into some survival skills practice (possibly after a dip in the jungle pools).  By late afternoon we'll be on our way back to civilisation for a good meal and preparation for phase two.

Day 4 Island Phase - A short boat ride through the islands and we arrive at the little slice of beach we will call home for the next 4 days.  The general routine consists of survival skills tutorials or medical simulation during the day, BBQ suppers and rest & relaxation in the evening.  Scuba diving is included and highly recommended.

Day 5 – Survival skills (water, fire, shelter, food, rescue)

Day 6 – Scuba diving / tutorials / medical simulation

Day 7 – Scuba diving / tutorials / medical simulation

Day 8 – We practice our 'leave no trace' rule and vacate the island as we found it.  The group has a chance to re-gather by the pool and we lay on a luxurious celebration dinner.

Day 9 - Pack up and reflect on an experience you'll never forget.  Optional visit to Kilim Geoforest Nature Park featuring mangrove forests, lagoons & beaches, with river tours and floating restaurant

Sustainability is something we are passionate about having seen first-hand the damage humans are doing to the environments we explore.  We behave responsibility as we travel and strive to strike the balance between humans and nature.   All our cleaning fluids are biologically degradable so they don't contaminate the soil or erode the coral, and we practice a 'leave no trace' policy ensuring we leave every camp site as we found it.

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Responsible travellers

Topics covered:

  • Jungle Travel and Parang Safety

  • Survival Skills and Campcraft

  • Expedition Medical Preparation and Planning

  • Heat Illness and Hyperthermia

  • Bites, Stings and Anaphylaxis

  • Medicine in Tropical Climates

  • Trauma Scenarios

  • Jungle Navigation Exercises

  • Water Purification and Hygiene

  • Medical Kit and Supplies

  • Teamwork and Leadership 

  • And much, much more...

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