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Survival skills and 

wilderness medicine


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Wilderness and Expedition Medical Skills are not learnt in lecture theatres.  They are acquired through real life experience and practice, outside, in the field, in the jungle or on the mountainside.  These expeditions are ideal for healthcare professionals looking for field experience in Wilderness & Expedition Medicine, or students on Medical Elective.  Fully immerse yourself in the environment of your choosing; learn the basics of good expedition skills whilst treating the many simulated casualties that pop up along the way... and of course have a lot of fun in the process.

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tropical medicine in the jungle and desert islands of Langkawi, Malaysia

23 Apr - 1 May 2022

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Off-road and far from help in the  oldest desert in the world, The Kalahari, namibia

10 - 19 June 2022

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explore the vast frozen north deep inside the arctic circle, norway

9 - 16 April 2022

Girls in jungle expedition
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learn improvised medical techniques deep in the dense jungles of Borneo

7 - 15 May 2022

Snowy Mountain Peaks
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master glacial travel at extreme altitudes in the Andes mountains, Ecuador

20 - 29 May 2022

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UPCOMING Survival SKILLS expeditions:

Think of them like holidays, for people who don't do holidays.  You and your team will journey through tough terrain, experiencing real hazards and obstacles as well as scenarios developed by our team of wilderness experts. Work together and learn to survive and thrive in these truly beautiful but unforgiving environments.

Jungle Mountain View
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Explore the jungle peaks and desert islands of  Langkawi, Malaysia

20 - 28 Aug 2022

Jungle Waterfall
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Navigate the jungle rivers and waterfalls of Borneo

3 - 11 September 2022

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4x4 expedition to the oldest desert in the world, The Kalahari, namibia

16 - 25 September 2022

Snowmobile plowing
Arctic Icon Colour.jpg
explore the vast frozen north deep inside the arctic circle, norway

9 - 16 April 2022

Camping in Mountains
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Conquer the MOUNTAIN peaks of the Andes in Cotopaxi, Ecuador

14 - 23 October 2022

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Great things never came from comfort zones!

We're a team wilderness guides, doctors and paramedics well-versed in the fun and rigors of extreme survival.  Our Expedition Skills and Wilderness Medicine courses pack in exploration and learning in equal proportion.  We journey through some of the worlds last remaining wild places practicing the skills you’ll need to survive, navigate your environment, treat casualties and return to tell the tale.  With over 40 years of experience guiding and traveling through jungle, desert, mountain and polar terrains, our team of experts will keep you safe whilst you experience the wonders of the path less trodden.

we run expedition medical training in  all the same incredible locations as our survival skills courses!