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Wilderness and Expedition Medical Skills are not learnt in lecture theatres.  They are acquired through real life experience and practice, outside, in the field, in the jungle or on the mountainside.  These expeditions are ideal for healthcare professionals looking for field experience in Wilderness & Expedition Medicine, or students on Medical Elective.  Fully immerse yourself in the environment of your choosing; learn the basics of good expedition skills whilst treating the many simulated casualties that pop up along the way... and of course have a lot of fun in the process.

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Wales wilderness medicine
wilderness first responder (Level 3)

26 - 30 September 2023

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30 Oct - 10 Nov 2023

Cairngorms Mountain medicine
wilderness first responder (level 2)

Jan 2024

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Polar expedition - norway
explore the beautiful arctic tundra


11-18 March 2024

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tropical medicine in the jungle and desert islands of Langkawi, Malaysia
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Mountain and desert expedition - Morocco expedition

April 2024

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Polar Expedition, Norway

11th - 18th March 2024

Camping in Mountains


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If you're looking for a life-changing adventure these are the trips for you. Trek through untouched jungle, summit snowy peaks, snowshoe through the Arctic tundra or journey through the desert. 

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Our UK courses are the perfect way to get started in wilderness medicine. They are an amazing chance to learn new skills and meet other people with a passion for adventure.

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We can tailor an adventure to exactly what you're looking for, whether you're running a university society trip or looking for corporate leadership training.


We're a team of adventurers who are well-versed in the fun and rigors of adventure travel.  Our expedition company came together to help others see the world in a totally new way, explore the true wildernesses of the world, and learn some new skills in the process.  Forged from an union of military, medicine and survival skills professionals; together we have over 40 years experience traveling through earths most inhospitable environments.  So whether it’s jungles or mountains, arctic or desert, Unique Expeditions will bring wonder to your next trip.


Meet the Founders

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Mat is a seasoned adventurer, explorer, and survival expert with over 15 years of experience leading expeditions in some of the world's most challenging environments. After serving in the British military, Mat founded Unique Expeditions. Mat currently lives in the Northernmost part of Norway, so is the perfect leader for our polar courses. 

Joshua Allison

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Dr Joshua Allison is a Wilderness & Expedition Doctor with a passion for providing medical support for teams heading into remote and austere environments across the globe. He has gained extensive field experience over the years, working in a variety of environments, including the Andean mountains, American deserts, and dense tropical jungles. 

Mat Howes


"I'm totally blown away by this trip.  I've learnt so much, been to so many beautiful places and seen so many things few others have seen.  Amazing."

Malaysia Expedition Participant

If you're looking for something specific, search below:

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